E Bike Verleih im Bike Hotel Schenna bei Meran

Bike holiday in south tyrol

Up to the mountains and high pastures

With a length of 180 km, the MTB trails around Scena lead along pine forests and pastures and past rustic mountain huts and shelters before reaching the alpine summits.

There are numerous scenic spots for cyclists to stop for a break and enjoy panoramic views of the Val Passiria/Passeier Valley, the Hirzer mountain hiking area, the Merano 2000 recreational zone, and the nearby Schennaberg mountain hiking area. 


NEW: We rent out Cube e-bikes directly at the Walters Garden Hotel (for an extra charge). We are happy to give you tips for the most beautiful e-bike tours in Schenna and the surrounding area for beginners and advanced riders!

E-bikes are a great way to discover the beauty of Schenna and the surrounding area without exhausting yourself. With the electric drive, even steep hills can be mastered with ease, making cycling a relaxed pleasure. It is also an environmentally friendly way to explore the region, as the e-bikes can be operated almost emission-free.

 Explore Schenna and Environs on two wheels and book our bike-special!


Explore Schenna on thwo wheels. Our tips:

Scena to the Hirzer region

This scenic bike ride leads over the broad alpine pastures of the Hirzer region and is a genuine highlight, especially in summer, when the alpine roses transform the landscape into a red sea of blossom.   


Route description

Passing the cable car, head downhill to Untertall. After 1 km, the route leads over the Masulbach beck, through the small tunnel to the Pichlhof farms. From here, continue to the Pirchhof farms and on to Prenn. Just beforehand, the forest track, which winds steeply up to the Hochwies inn, branches off to the left, and then leads to the Gompm Alm and Hirzerhütte mountain huts. Down to the beck, the route continues to Klammeben, the mountain station of the Hirzer cable car (short pushing and carrying section due to the stone steps). With the mountains of Merano in view, continue along trail no. 40 to the Stafellhütte mountain hut. The access track leads through the forest down to Oberkirn. Here, initially head around 500 m towards Prenn, before turning left by Goberst Chapel onto the small road to Unterkirn and the Pixner inn. Passing the mountain farms, the route leads back to Scena. 


Informations about the tour

Duration 5:00 h

Altitude uphill 2053 hm

Altitude downhill 2142 hm

Length 30,4 km

Scena to Merano 2000

Rewarding bike ride in the Merano 2000 cycling and hiking area with nice places to stop for a rest and a snack in rustic alpine huts. The section along the E5 European long-distance trail offers uninterrupted views of the valley basin.


Route description

From the car park in Avelengo the route passes initially along a small, at first not especially challenging access road into the old part of the village (trail no. 16), past the Brunner inn and several farms to the Leadneralm mountain hut. The route now leads along the forest track up to the Vöraneralm mountain hut and onwards to the Auener Jöchl plateau (trail no. 2). Here it heads off to the left and along the E5 European long-distance trail to the Kreuzjöchl plateau and Merano 2000. Just after the Meranerhütte mountain hut the trail continues to the left, past the Rotwandhütte and Zuegghütte huts, down to Falzeben and back to Avelengo. 


Informations about the tour

Duration 4:30 h

Altitude uphill 1135 hm

Altitude downhill 1155 hm

Length 27,5 km

Scena to Avelengo

This bike ride over the alpine pastures of Avelengo leads along well-constructed trails through the varied natural landscape. The shady approach to the plateau over Merano is also suitable for hot summer days. 


Route description
The starting point of this bike ride is the car park in Avelengo below the church. Following the signs for trail no. 16, initially the route follows the small road past the Brunner inn. Quite leisurely to start with, but then climbing over the last section, the ride leads up to Leadneralm mountain hut. Next the route heads along the forestry track through the trees up to the wonderfully situated Vöraneralm mountain hut. After a rest with an uninterrupted view of the surrounding mountains, the journey continues along trail no. 2 to Wurzeralm mountain hut and eventually along the forest track back to Avelengo.


Informations about the tour
Duration 2:40 h
Altitude uphill 640 hm
Altitude downhill 643 hm
Length 16,2 km

Bike ride to the Zmailerhof Inn

This easy, scenically rewarding bike ride leads from Scena to the Zmailerhof inn and back again to the center of the village. The farmhouse tavern on the Schennaberg, with its uninterrupted views of the Merano valley basin is an inviting place in which to take a leisurely break.


Route description

Passing the cable car valley station in Verdins, to begin with the route heads for the Hasenegg inn. The little road bears to the left up towards Schennaberg. After approx. 1 km turn right to the Vallplatzhof farm and follow the flat track on towards the Holznerhof farm. On the edge of the meadow follow the access road to the Bergerweg trail. After a short descent, the access road forks left to the Zmailerhof.

After a well-deserved break, the route returns to the Bergerweg and, passing the Jägerrast inn along the way, descends as far as the hairpin bend above Pension Fungganell. Crossing over the slope, continue to the Rastlhof inn, then downhill again as far as St. Georgen and finally back to Scena.


Informations about the tour

Duration 2:00 h
Altitude uphill 747 hm
Altitude downhill 746 hm
Length 14,9 km

Scena to Schennaberg

This circular ride via Schennaberg leads through the shady woodland of the Taser Höhenweg high mountain trail and is thus also recommended on hot summer days. Along the way are numerous places offering refreshments.


Route description

From Verdins the track leads up to the mountain farms of the Schennaberg as far as Taser. Just beforehand, the route bears right to the Greitererhof inn and then along the hiking trail on towards the Egger inn. Here there is a wonderful view of Merano and Environs. After a short break continue along the Taser Höhenweg high mountain trail towards what is known as the Rabenschnabel (raven's beak), where there are a few technical stretches (stone steps) to overcome. Through the trees the trail then leads to a clearing at the Gsteirerhof. Then head into the valley along the access road through shady woodland and, passing a few scattered mountain farms, as far as St. Georgen and Scena.


Informations about the tour

Duration 4:00 h
Altitude uphill 1176 hm
Altitude downhill 1171 hm
Length 21,7 km

Scena to Tall

You will need to climb around 1,000 meters for this challenging mountain bike ride from Scena village center to Tall. A good level of fitness and tight calves will be needed to overcome this demanding climb! 


Route description

To begin with, from Verdins the route takes you past the cable car valley station to Untertall. After around 1 km the route leads over the Masulbach beck, through the little tunnel, over meadows and past farmhouses to the Pichlhof farms. From here follow the forest track to the Pirchhof farms and on the road that leads to Prenn, the "center" of the parish of Tall. After a short break to enjoy the fabulous all-around views of the mountains, pass by the mid-station of the Hirzer cable car to Oberkirn and then make the gentle climb up to Videgg. After a short descent you will join the forest track that leads slightly uphill to the Streitweideralm mountain hut. The trail then heads out of the valley back to Verdins and Scena.


Informations about the tour

Duration 4:30 h

Altitude uphill 1284 hm

Altitude downhill 1292 hm

Length 24,8 km