Tolle Wälder & Spektakuläre Aussichten prägen die Landschaft beim Wandern in Schenna & Umgebung

Moutain tours, mountain cabin hikes or walks

Hiking in Schenna and the surrounding area

Feel the grass under your feet, listen to the sound of the cow bells, enjoy the wonderful views and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Schenna in South Tyrol has a lot to offer, whether you want to climb one of the many mountain peaks, go on a mountain cabin tour or simply just walk through mountain pastures or promenades. Innumerable hiking trails are waiting for you, cable cars and chair lifts make the ascent easier. 

The hiking area in Schenna alone comprises more than 200km with well-marked hiking trails to mountain cabins and mountain peaks. The nearby hiking area of Merano 2000, as well as Avelengo, offers further 300km of signposted trails. Even the Texel Group Nature Park and the Merano High Mountain Trail can be easily reached from Scena/Schenna and are considered one of the most beautiful hiking areas in the Alps. 

Hiking poles can be borrowed free of charge from reception and nothing stands in the way of a hike in the South Tyrolean mountains.

The bus stop is right in front of our hotel and takes you comfortably to the various hiking areas around Scena and Merano.

Make use of the advantage cards with discounts for public transport in Scena/Schenna, Merano/Meran and the surrounding area!

Hiking in Scena - the most beautiful tours for your vacation

We will be happy to advise you personally during your hiking vacation in our hotel on the most beautiful hikes and mountain tours in Scena, Merano and the surrounding area.

In our hotel morning post you will find various hiking suggestions every day. We have put together the most beautiful hiking tips around Scena for you. So you are guaranteed not to miss anything.

Scena, an idyllic place in South Tyrol, offers hikers a variety of opportunities to discover the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape. Whether you are an experienced mountaineer or a leisurely walker, Scena has something for everyone. From picturesque Waalwege trails along water channels to challenging summit tours to majestic mountain peaks such as the Hirzer, there are countless options that promise unforgettable hiking experiences. Read on to find out more about the best wall

We have put together the most stunning hiking tips for your near Schenna:


Hike along the Schenner Waalweg trail

This picturesque hike along the Schenner Waalweg irrigation channel runs along an unspoilt trail through the chestnut grove and orchards high above the spa town of Merano and is also thoroughly recommended for hot summer days.

Route description

From Schenna, initially the trail heads uphill in the direction of "Schennaberg", and crosses over "Ifingerstrasse" to the "Taser" / "Pichler" cable car. Signposts point towards the "Waalweg", which leads in a southerly direction to the romantic "Katzenleiter" steps and onwards to the "Brunjaunhof" farm. Accompanied by the lovely views of Merano the trail passes through the meadows and forests above "St. Georgen" and ultimately descends back to Schenna.

Informations about the tour

Duration 1:20 h

Altitude uphill 301 hm

Altitude downhill 308 hm

Length 5,5 km

Alpine hike in the Hirzer region

This scenically enchanting hike over the broad alpine pastures of the Hirzer region is especially recommended during the alpine rose flowering season from late June to early July when the pastures are resplendent in shimmering red. 


Route description

Starting from the Hirzer cable car mountain station (Klammeben), path no. 40 leads to the Hirzerhütte mountain hut. Continue on a flat path (marking 1-E5) which leads to the alpine pastures of Hinteregg and Mahd. Just behind the pastures continue your way uphill to the Rotmoos. There, follow the path (marking 2) back to the Tallneralm alpine pasture, then turn right to the Hirzerhütte and back to Klammeben.

As an alternative, proceed via Scena to Verdins, take the cable car and then the chair lift Talle-Grube. From the mountain station it takes about 30 minutes to reach Klammeben by foot.


Informations about the tour

Duration 2:40 h

Altitude uphill 328 hm

Altitude downhill 346 hm

Length 6,7 km

Alpine hike to Hirzerhütte and Gompm Alm mountain huts

Family-friendly, scenically rewarding route via numerous serviced mountain huts, that welcome hikers wanting to linger over a snack and a drink. A lovely varied hike for those who love quieter trails.

Route description

The first part of this route is via cable car from Saltusio to Klammeben. Here, the circular hike on trail no. 40, which is also popular with children, leads after a short downhill / uphill section to the Hirzerhütte mountain inn. Next the trail leads across the meadows downhill again to the idyllic location of the Gompm Alm mountain hut. After a break in the hut, the route continues along an almost flat section to the Grube inn. Here it is possible to descend to either Oberkirn or Prenn.

As an alternative, proceed via Scena to Verdins, take the cable car and then the chair lift Talle-Grube. From the mountain station it takes about 30 minutes to reach Klammeben by foot.

Informations about the tour

Duration 1:15 h

Altitude uphill 111 hm

Altitude downhill 283 hm

Length 3,8 km

Ifinger summit hike

This hike on the Ifinger, Scena's local mountain, provides a magnificent panoramic view of the Merano mountains, but requires a head for heights and is only recommended for sure-footed, experienced hikers.

Route description

The eventful Ifinger summit hike starts at the mountain station of the Merano 2000 cable car. From here, the route continues on foot up to Waidmannalm alpine pasture, past the little church of St. Oswald to the Oswaldscharte and onwards to the Kuhleiten inn. The trail then heads in a westerly direction over the mountain ridge and along a challenging but secure fixed rope route up to the summit of the Ifinger. The descent is via the same route as the ascent.

Informations about the tour

Duration 3:10 h

Altitude uphill 734 hm

Altitude downhill 1.200 hm

Length 10,8 km