Massage in Schenna bei Meran im Wellnesshotel Walter
For body and mind.

Our beauty treatments

A wellness holiday in Scena

Really relax and let your mind wander. Switch off and recharge your batteries.

You can regain your energy with our beauty treatments, whether after a pleasant hike, with a massage or a relaxing beauty day. It is entirely up to you how you organise your wellness holiday – we are happy to advise you.

The treatments are only carried out in accordance with advance bookings made with our reception. Please therefore book in advance to make sure that you get your preferred date and time.

A wellness holiday in Scena for body and mind...


Sport Massage

With aroma oil and mountain pine oil - 100% bio oils from South Tyrol. Regenerates and invigorates body and senses. This alpine massage is not only a balm for the soul, but also donates new fitness to retired joints and muscles.

Classic Whole Body Massage

During a whole body massage the whole body is massaged using a classic massage technique, for deep relaxation.

Back, neck and shoulder massage

Removes blockages and allows vitality to take over. Wonderfully relaxing energy source, especially for people soffering from stress. 

Wellness Lymphatic Drainage

During a lymphatic drainage massage the masseur uses very specialised techniques in order to stimulate the lymph drainage system. This gentle stimulation of lymph drainage system improves micro-circulation of the system and enriches the acidity of the tissue. It reduces water retention, aids detoxification, improves nutritional uptake and thus strengthens the entire immune system.

Face Lymphatic Drainage

The focus of this treatment is mainly on the face, head and neck. These zones hold a lot of physical, mental and emotional tension. While the body is in deep relaxation, old mental and emotional patterns can be released.

Stimulating foot reflexology massage

This massage is performed on the soles of your feet. By stimulating the reflex zone of the various sections of the body, even the internal organs repond sensitively to this massage. 

Bio-Energetic Massage

This bio energetic treatment treats physical and spiritual strain and relaxes tensions. You will find this strengthens both your muscles and your energy levels and impacts upon your vitality, wellness, health and spiritual balance.

Bio-energetic massage is enormously relaxing and regenerating and increases your capacity to regenerate and recuperate in future.

Wellness Kinesiology

Kinesiology is an effective method of relieving blockages and combating stress. It has the potential to restore and increase general health, wellbeing, performance efficiency and quality of life. The key tool of a kinesiologist is that of gentle cupping that tests the muscles. This diagnostic method “asks” the where it feels strain.

Blockages are identified and then resolved with a range of highly specialised techniques.

Qi Gong

Qi, which means as much as river or flow. And gong, work or ability. With the Qi Gong the complete physical control should be achieved and all processes should be fluent, without stopping or stopping the movement. It is a kind of slow motion, because the movements are not jerky, but slowly running steadily and fluently. This strengthens the muscles and trains the coordination as well as the balance.

Our masseuese Rosi offers Qi Gong exercises in our garden. 

(Minimum 4 person of participants)